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To ‘Free’ Injured Brother From Bed Rest, A Cat Learns To Open The Shower Door

Gabrielle Zaffiro McLemore and her husband were strolling past the Pennsylvania SPCA one day when they came across a beautiful cat and decided to go inside and meet him. They had no intention of adopting on that day because they already had two cats, but after spending time with Jean Ralphio, they fell in love and knew he would be joining them at home. When the couple found the cat had a sibling, Mona Lisa, they felt they couldn’t keep them apart and adopted her as well.


They’ve been with their family for over a year, and their parents are so thankful that they chose to adopt both of them.

McLemore told The Dodo, “Jean Ralphio and Mona Lisa are tight as thieves.” “They’re both very lively and loving with one other. They groom each other alternately and are frequently seen napping close together. They’re always around one other.”


Jean Ralphio recently injured his hip and had to get surgery. His parents placed him in the shower in the bathroom to ensure that he did not re-injure himself. Mona Lisa was instantly put off by this and lamented the fact that she couldn’t be with her brother.

“She meows through the door and attempts to break in when we keep them apart,” McLemore added. “Since being removed from Jean Ralphio, she’s been a little more needy for hugs with us.”


While Jean Ralphio was meant to be quarantined, his parents were taken aback when they saw him nonchalantly limp by them downstairs, baffled as to how he’d done away. They re-immersed him in the shower and kept an eye on the bathroom door, only to see that Mona Lisa had worked out how to open both the bathroom door and the shower, all in order to reach her brother.

“We knew she was going to test closed doors to see if they were fully locked prior to this, but I didn’t think much of it,” McLemore said. “The fact that she could open a sliding shower door was even more surprising – especially that she’d go to the trouble of doing both!”

Despite the difficulty of getting in, Mona Lisa was determined to be with her brother and would go to any length to do so. Of course, she liked breaking in to steal his food and use his litter box, but siblings do it all the time.


Jean Ralphio will have to stay in bed for another week before he can safely leave the house. Until then, his mother had spent a lot of time in the bathroom with him, allowing him and Mona Lisa to spend some quality time together.

“She still stole his food and used his litter box during that period, but they also simply hung around and groomed each other,” McLemore added. “It was quite nice, and you could tell it made him smile a little. I believe he has been disturbed by his separation from her.”


Jean Ralphio and Mona Lisa will meet shortly, despite the fact that they are still apart. Mona Lisa will keep trying to break in to visit her brother till then, since that’s what sisters are for.