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A Stray Kitten Comes From the Bushes, Relieved to Have Found Assistance

Cassie from California was washing the stalls at the horse stables and she noticed an animal noise. Cassie told Love Meow, “Towards first, I assumed it was a bird, but then I spotted the horse at the end, looking into the bushes.”

“I realized it was small meows as I drew closer. Her tiny heart was screamed out.”

Cassie @cassieland.ca

When Cassie called out to the cat, a little calico appeared from behind a bush and dashed over to her. The kitten began waving her tiny paws as soon as Cassie picked her up. She then crept up to her neck and nuzzled away, as if seeking for milk.

Cassie said, “I walked her over to my tack room and while I was trying to fill up a bowl, she simply started drinking excessively from the water that was dropping on the ground from the hose.”

Cassie @cassieland.ca

Cassie placed the hose near the cat, who was thirsty and hungry, and let her drink to her heart’s delight. She cooked up a fast dinner for the hungry tiny kitten using a can of wet food from her car that was meant for her own cats.
“She devoured it in a flash. She was frail and flea-infested “Cassie told Love Meow about it. “I finished my tasks and went home with her.”

To get rid of the bothersome fleas, the calico was given a much-needed wash. She was weary from the incident and slept comfortably through the night in the warmth of her bed. “I believe she realized she was finally secure and could rest in peace.”

Cassie @cassieland.ca

Cassie awoke the next morning to a cheerful, perky kitten rushing about and attempting to play. “She was courageous, fearless, and she was always tapping all of my other pets.”

Within two days, the kitten had rediscovered her sass and cattitude, which she didn’t hesitate to show off to the house’s larger animals. Despite being the tiniest, she performed in a commanding manner.

In this video, you can see the kitten’s rescue journey:

The kitten developed an amazing appetite over the following few days and never wasted a single crumb of food. She got close to her human mother and would cuddle up to her neck, purring hysterically.

“She is now totally healthy and flourishing. Even though she is still so small, she enjoys playing and wrestling with my other cats “Love Meow was informed by Cassie.

Cassie @cassieland.ca

“I’m not sure how she got into that bush. I returned for three days to be sure the mother or any additional kittens were not around, but there were none “Cassie said.

“She struck it rich that day, and I was at the right place at the right moment.”

Cassie @cassieland.ca

The previous stray has matured into an amiable shoulder cat. She’s put on weight and has a lot of energy. Her charisma shines brightly.

She is still incredibly attached to her human mother and follows her around the home.

Cassie @cassieland.ca

All of the cats and dogs in the home get along swimmingly with the kitten. She enjoys her large family tremendously.

“She is secure and content, and she will enjoy the finest life possible. Charm, as in Lucky Charm, is her name “Love Meow was informed by Cassie.