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When Two Pregnant Cats Are Found Traveling Together, They Decide To Raise Their Babies As A Family

Pickle and Olive, two pregnant cats, were sent to the Nashville Cat Rescue center to give them a chance at a better life. The cats were discovered in a gat colony in Nashville, Tennessee, and were both on the verge of giving birth.

From the beginning, the gatitas were inseparable. Even though they were a little nervous at first, having each other so close gave them a sense of security and comfort that helped them adapt to all of the changes they faced.

Kiki, a volunteer who provides a safe haven for Nashville Cat Rescue’s animals, told Love Meow:


The family that was assisting this group determined that the girls were in love and that the two of them were expecting a child. When they contacted the rescue team, they requested that the children remain together, even if they were to be adopted.

Embarazadas gatitas raise their kittens as if they were family.


The volunteer promised to spend some time with the cats, respecting the size issues they need, and without a doubt, they enjoyed their time together.

Kiki tells her story:

«I want to make sure that when the babies arrive, they are comfortable with me, assisting them as needed, or simply taking care of basic needs like feeding the cats on a daily basis».


Both gatitas began to approach Kiki with caution. Pickle, the more social of the two, was allowed to get a few mimos and caricias. It appears that the massage session piqued his interest, and he realized that he was completely safe, so Olive quickly apeteció a little bit of care from that kind person.

Kiki assures:

«If Olive were to fall in love with Pickle, she would sell herself for a little love».


Pickle eventually went into labor and gave birth to a litter of six kittens, with five of them surviving. Olive, on the other hand, was Pickle’s most powerful animator, always ronroning by his side and suffocating her with mimos.


The voluntary recalls:

«After about a week, I continued to see Olive in the corralito, passing the time with the babies. She began to care for them as if they were her own, and, strangely, she returned to being protective of them while attempting to weigh them».


Only a few days later, Kiki found a new little cara among the others, and Olive was about to have her first gatito in the boarding house. After 24 hours, he gave birth to another, although the small size of the camada and the passage of time between the gatitos caused some concern in his mother.

The volunteer added:

«I took her to the vet to make sure everything was okay. I had to submit to an emergency room, which saved his life in the end».

Unfortunately, one of the gatitas lost his or her baby, but the other remained as close as ever. If one of the mothers needs to rest, the other is responsible for keeping everything under order.

The little cats have grown up a lot and are quite close. Siestas are long and comfortable for them, as they are surrounded by their two mothers.


The young kitties are becoming more interested and adventurous by the day, and they now want to explore the surroundings around their house. Pickle and Olive, on the other hand, are always vigilant, making sure that all of the children are safe.

«Pickle has five children, while Olive has two little ones. They are referred to as primos hermanas and primos hermanos by me. Pickle and Olive are becoming stronger every day, and they’re becoming more self-assured».