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Paralyzed Cat Loves Getting Dressed As A Mermaid, She Feels Beautiful, Unique And Confident

Meet this adorable cat named Sally. She is considered as a mermaid cat that is living a happy life. Sally is having a very tough life but still she smiles.

Cat can’t really move because she is paraplegic. Her owner had told Bored Panda that she met Sally 8 years ago.

Cat was laying on the ground at a park and Janez Jeretič immediately helped her.

“I was there talking to a friend and at first, I thought she was dead since she wasn’t moving. At some point, I saw her arms move so I rushed over and realized she was alive. I grabbed her and took her to a vet. They did some x-rays on her and realized she had a hunting bullet stuck in her neck, and told us that she would probably never walk again.”

Now Sally loves getting dressed as a mermaid. She feels beautiful and special.

Cat is so strong and never gave up.

So adorable!