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A Dog Who Was Saved From Fighting Is Now A Hero Fire Detection Dog

There are several instances of extremely terrible conditions that a big number of homeless animals must endure. It’s often difficult to believe how nasty people can be to other living beings. So it’s wonderful to be able to share some positive instances in the hope that they may inspire others to do the same.

While some individuals only display cruelty, others fight back by expressing love and care for our furry little buddies. Without a doubt, the story of Hansel, a lovable pitbull who was given a second shot in life, exemplifies all of this positivism.

Hansel, along with 30 other canines, was saved from fighting in Canada. Because of Ontario’s Pit Bull dog prohibition, this kid was ready to be killed.


Fortunately, because to the involvement of a guy named Rob Scheinberg, who protected the lives of these canines and was in responsible of getting the court to modify their verdict and offer these boys a second shot in society, Hansel’s and many others’ stories changed dramatically.


The canines were sent to the Dogs Playing For Life rescue shelter in Florida, a non-profit organization. There, they work to improve the lives of animals in shelters.


Hansel was adopted by the Throw Away Canines Project of Philadelphia in Florida, where he teaches dogs to become K-9 cops. After a year of training, the dog was assigned to the Millville Fire Department, which was in need of an arson dog.


Hansel is the first dog of his breed to work as a fire detector. This young man has been specially educated to detect combustible materials such as gasoline and fuel. Even so, he got the Law Enforcement and Detection Hero Dog 2021 medal for his efforts.


Because of Rob’s early attempts to preserve these animals’ lives, other agencies have expressed a strong interest in accepting rescued pit bulls as arson detection dogs.


Hansel has not only assisted his team with fire management, but he has also made a fantastic buddy in fireman Tyler Van Leer, his fire department mentor. This pair has evolved into a fantastic team, and they are the greatest in their business.


Tyler has a strong attachment to his coworker; they have become great friends and frequently go on exciting trips outside of work.

The firefighter stated in one of his interviews:

“He’s a fantastic dog.” I wouldn’t want any other dog.

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