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Farmers Are Alarmed As A Hungry Cougar Consumes Hundreds Of Chickens

Wild animals have invaded human-occupied regions as a result of human meddling in natural environments, and the tale often ends tragically for the animal. Residents in a remote Brazilian location witnessed a puma causing harm to poultry, and how the incident unfolded astounded Internet users.


Tito is a man who enjoys living in the countryside and all things related to nature. He has spent the most of his life in Campinas’ Barón Geraldo sector, a rural location just a few kilometers from the city center. His daily existence revolves on greenery and animals, but one day, as he went to feed the hens, he saw something unusual.

“I dashed over to the chicken coop.” “I looked, then I noticed the fallen feathers, and I started looking with the flashlight, and I realized that a tiny white one, a really nice one, was missing,” Tito explained.


He was put on high alert from that point on, and he had to figure out what or who was inflicting the harm. He decided to seek the assistance of his next-door neighbor, Seu Julio Gonçalves David, a retired driver who had only doubts until he saw the gorgeous beast.

“I’m not a cougar expert, but I’ve seen one in Matogrosso.” He reminds me of a tiny toddler. It’s a man, if I’m not incorrect. He’s masculine because of his manner,” Seu Julio stated.


They launched an investigation that lasted many days, and they were on the watch for any suspicious sounds or evidence, no matter how little, until they eventually saw the suspect in action. They were confronted with the accused perpetrator of the disappearance of 50 hens in the area.

“He attacked the next night, and I saw him leap on a chicken down there,” she said. Then I realized it was a puma,” the man stated.


Despite the cougar’s extensive injury, the farmers had no intention of harming him; rather, they were concerned that the animal was safe and wanted to assist him. They were afraid that if a neighbor saw him, they might have the dreadful notion of hunting him, therefore they had to protect the kitty at all means.

The Terra da Gente program, which creates exclusive information on flora and wildlife, spent more than a month with the neighbors in an attempt to safeguard the animal, demonstrating that they are adapting and living closer to the main towns.

In this regard, Adilson Brongna, a corporal with the Military Environmental Police of Campinas, believes that this occurs because expanding urbanization shrinks woods, causing animals to migrate to towns.

The majority of Internet users praise the farmers’ approach since they are aware that animals go out in quest of food to survive and frequently end up being murdered or being driven over on the side of the road.