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Meet Zuu, A Lovely Cat That Is So Round And Looks Like A Ball Of Fluff

All adorable cats are worth loving, but only the best and brightest will become memes.

And one cat, in particular, named Zuu, is full of meme potential. He’s so round that he looks like a ball of fluff. He’s a lovably grumpy cat. He has markings on his fur that make it seem like his mouth is constantly open and that he’s eternally surprised. What’s not to love?

If you thought that one funny cat was enough for you to stay motivated, lift your spirits and keep you working hard until the weekend, well, have we got a surprise for you.

It turns out that the adorable Zuu lives with another cat – Bocco. The two felines are sure to give you a laugh and make you want to cuddle them. They both look so chunky and disappointed with life that it’s nearly impossible not to smile.