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After Being Brought To The Hospital, A Worried Goose Looks For Her Partner

Members of the Cape Wildlife Facility wildlife center and veterinary hospital in Massachusetts discovered a bird in need of assistance last week. It was about a nice goose that lives in a neighboring pond and had trouble walking owing to a damaged leg.

Staff at the site decided to transport Arnold, the lovely goose, to the wildlife hospital facility for medical treatment.

However, it appears that they were not the only ones concerned about the goose’s health; there was someone really special who was concerned about their well-being.


Following multiple tests, the vets determined that Arnold’s leg had been severely wounded and that surgery was required to properly repair it.

The most perplexing aspect is that the disappearance of the goose in the pond was not overlooked, and everything seemed to imply that his lover missed him greatly.


A goose who had been his buddy for many years wanted to help him through this tough moment.

The charming goose was really concerned about her spouse and was prepared to go to any length to give emotional support.


Staff of the center posted on Instagram:

“We heard a tiny knock on the clinic door as we proceeded to sedate Arnold and prepare him for surgery.” When we looked back, we observed that her companion had waddled into the porch and was attempting to enter our clinic! He’d found it somehow… ».


Fortunately, Arnold’s operation was a success, but his fiancée did not demand a different outcome and remained with him during the process.

The staff also stated:

“She was there… watching us work, hardly lifting her gaze from the door.”


They then decided to set Arnold at the entrance and open it so that both geese could greet one other and feel calmer.

Members of the center made the following observations:

“They both seemed considerably more at ease in each other’s company.”

Arnold will need to stay in the hospital for a few more weeks to properly heal, but he will not have to face this burden alone, since the clinic staff intends to allow his girlfriend to continue visiting him, ensuring that neither of you is concerned.