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Rama The Baby Asian Elephant Is Welcomed At Oklahoma City Zoo

Oklahoma City Zoo has welcomed Rama the Asian Elephant. Such a lovely news.

Rama was born to parents Asha and Rex.

Now in the Zoo, you can count 8 Asian elephants including Rama as well.

There are Bamboo (54), Rex (53), Asha (26), Chandra (25), Kandula (20), Achara (7), and Kairavi (3).

Rachel Emory, Oklahoma City Zoo’s Curator of Elephants and Rhinos told Bored Panda about Rama’s birth. Also, Emory has told that new born baby will stay with mom Asha.

“One of the best things about elephant calves is that they are extremely inquisitive and every day is a new learning experience,” explained Emory. “For the first several months, Rama will stay very close to his mom Asha, his aunt Chandra, and his two sisters, Achara and Kairavi.”

“He spends most of his time interacting with his family herd and learning how to be a baby elephant, nursing from his mom, and taking frequent baby naps. After about 3-4 months, he will start to gain interest in solid foods (such as bananas and cantaloupe), and at that time we will begin more formal training with him for voluntary medical behaviors. Right now, Rama is still trying to figure out how to use his trunk and keep up with his big sisters.”

Baby Rama got famous with his ultrasound even before he was born.