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Deaf Dog Is Still Looking For A Forever Home After 6 Years In A Shelter

Meet Cleo, a loving dog that has been waiting for 6 years to get adopted. But she still is hoping so hard to have a dreamy home.

Cleo is so cute- she is 80 pounds and deaf.

“She has been to so many over six years,” Vicky Ham, Cleo’s foster mom, told The Dodo. “She always gets looked over because she is large, 80 pounds and deaf.”

“She gets a lot of, ‘She’s beautiful, she’s sweet, wish I could take her,’” Ham added. “Cleo has become a pro at this.”

She was saved in 2016 from flood in Louisiana. Even though she is deaf, still Cleo is so funny, energetic and very intelligent.

But she never lost hope of getting adopted someday by a loving family.

“Cleo is a very loving, sweet girl with a ton of energy,” Ham said. “She loves being outside, going on walks and car rides.”

She loves attention and to play around with her favorite toys. She has been to over 30 adoptions events but no one wanted her. And that’s so sad!

We still hope that she can get adopted someday and to live her happiest life with her forever family.