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Hairless Cat Loves To Snuggle With Her New Pit Bull Sister

Pickle the hairless cat and her littermates all became very sick when they were just tiny kittens. They were surrendered to the ASPCA in New York City when they were 3 weeks old due to severe upper respiratory infections. Unfortunately, Pickle’s siblings passed away from the severity of their conditions, but little Pickle continued to fight, despite a myriad of medical issues.

Pickle was diagnosed with severe corneal ulcers, hypoglycemia and continued respiratory issues. Dr. Danielle Delfino was the first veterinarian who helped Pickle, and from the day she met her, she knew that the little kitten was special.

“I met her the day that she came in and was her doctor initially,” Dr. Delfino told The Dodo. “I knew from the moment I met her that I was going to adopt her.”

Delfino had always wanted to adopt a Sphynx cat and had been waiting for the perfect one to come along. One of her own cats had passed away a few weeks before, and it was almost as if Pickle was always meant to be hers, as she arrived at the perfect time.

Delfino fostered Pickle while she was recovering from her many issues, and once the kitten was healthy, she made the adoption final. Delfino already had two other pets at home, a cat named Andy and a pit bull named Olive, who were both overjoyed to welcome their new little sister into the family.

From the moment Pickle arrived in her new home, she and her big sister Olive became best friends. The pair loves to hang out together, and while it seems like Olive is very protective of Pickle, Pickle doesn’t seem to think she needs protecting at all.

“They are always playing together and running around my apartment,” Delfino said. “Pickle doesn’t know how small she is. She is still tiny.”

Pickle especially loves to cuddle with her new family, and she seems to know that in their arms and paws, she is finally safe and loved.

“Pickle loves to snuggle with Olive, Andy and myself and can always be found under the covers or a blanket,” Delfino said. “I love and adore her! I could not imagine my life without little Pickle.”