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Dog That Is Missing A Part Of Its Brain Is The Happiest Of All

Jennifer Osborne of Ohio discovered Moose, a lovely Australian Shepherd, at a pet store, waiting for someone to adopt her. This woman supports the adoption of dogs of any kind, but when she encountered Moose, her major concern was that he would be abandoned since a portion of his brain is missing and he has an unusual look.

The woman and her husband were absolutely smitten by the puppy.

Despite the fact that he has a crooked nose and underbite, as well as eye abnormalities such as ‘cherry eye,’ he is very nice to everyone, which is primarily why he has won her heart.

IG: mooseboy16

Moose has had health issues since he was six months old, and Jennifer believes it’s because his nose pressed against his skull in the womb.

In 2018, Moose began suffering seizures that damaged his body and brain, leaving him shivering and frothing at the mouth.

IG: mooseboy16

The dog has been on medicine to control the seizures since then.

IG: mooseboy16

Jennifer stated, according to UNILAD:

“An MRI shortly after we received Moose revealed that he had no forehead, no sinuses, missing sections of his brain, especially the region that lets him smell, and a cyst in his brain where the deformity is.”

IG: mooseboy16

His frontal lobe is likewise squashed, and his seizures may worsen. Her neurologist, however, does not believe this will shorten her life.

With various colored eyes like British artist and songwriter David Bowie, Moose’s ailment has left him appearing lovely and unusual.

IG: mooseboy16

The dog’s bite reveals his lower teeth, giving the impression that he is continually smiling.

Jennifer decided to make an Instagram account for Moose, where she posts amazing photos of him sitting in front of the camera like a celebrity, complete with spectacles and ties.

IG: mooseboy16

Jennifer has a lot of affection for this gorgeous puppy and is quite proud of him.

Jennifer remarked:

“It’s incredible and a gift in my life.” I am grateful that he is my dog because he is the happiest dog I have ever met.

Moose is revealed to be highly clever, has an enormous personality, and loves everyone, just as he likes to play with his toys, which he chooses not to share with his brothers, despite the fact that his brain is not completely formed.

IG: mooseboy16

He is well aware that he is the darling of his household, and Jennifer considers his survival a miracle.

IG: mooseboy16

Jennifer explained:

“I’m not a mother, but he makes me feel like one.” He’s my kid. I adore that he selected me as a human Person.

In 2018, the lady opened an online store selling Moose-related items to help funds for her veterinarian treatment.

IG: mooseboy16