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A Curious Adopted Rabbit With The Fluffiest Ears Becomes A Celebrity

Most of us would consider more conventional alternatives like a dog or a kitten when considering adopting a pet. Molly Prottas, though, has always had a strong affection for bunnies. She is now caring for a person who is a network celebrity.

Huge ears made of fur cover the gorgeous Wally. Soon after the passing of another Molly rabbit, Wally joined the household. He had been having a really tough time and missed having a companion. He briefly considered getting a puppy, but after viewing some photographs of angora rabbits, he realized he couldn’t help himself.

Wally spent a few days getting to know his new family after returning home. He used to be a little wary of individuals he met for the first time, but he and Molly are now irrevocably linked.

“These rabbits are something I’ve never heard of before. You have large ears that resemble clouds, and I’ve read that they have beautiful personalities,” Molly said.

After a few days, Wally started to feel right at home and is now in charge of the area. While Molly takes good care of his gorgeous fur, she always leaves room for his ears to hang loose and appear fluffy.

The ability of this little youngster to express himself clearly is what Molly finds most surprising.

He will occasionally sit on me and give me a big smile as if to say, “Hey, it’s me: Wally!” says Molly.