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Girl Breaks Down In Tears When Mom Surprises Her With Shelter Dog She Saw Online

Alexandria stumbled across a picture of a cute black and white pit bull called Wyatt while surfing the web and visiting the Arizona Humane Society website. The 10-year-old girl was so infatuated with the dog that she was certain her family should get him as a pet.

Alexandria did not give up and kept checking online for updates about Wyatt with the idea of making sure she stayed there until her mother changed her mind, according to the girl’s mother, Angela, who affirms that she had to talk to her daughter and explain that they had to wait a bit to consider adding a pet to their family.


Arizona Humane Society spokeswoman Kelsey Dickerson said:

“We work with other shelters for a variety of reasons, including when they are overcrowded and house too many animals, when they house animals who require medical attention but are unable to offer it. Over a thousand dogs, cats, and occasionally even creatures are saved from other shelters thanks to this initiative.


The cute canine was taken in by the humane organization in May, where he received care and treatment for various medical issues. Once he was well again, the pit bull was able to win over everyone there.

Kelsey continued:

Anyone who knew him was aware of his shyness and sweetness. One person called him a “big love bug.”


Angela made the covert visit to Wyatt in order to surprise her daughter, and after meeting him, she fell in love with him. So she swiftly completed the adoption paperwork and sent Wyatt to her daughter’s school.

Angela explains:

“I knew he was the one for our family the moment I met him,” she said.


Alexandria had no idea what was going on when she got out of school until her mother eventually handed her Wyatt’s adoption papers.

In this emotional video, you can see the girl sob as she learns that the caring pitbull is now her new mate. Ever since that day, the two have been genuinely together.

Added Angela

“We bring it with us wherever we go, including to the grocery store, on hikes, in the water, and on several daily strolls. This cute and adorable kid is very clever and fully tame. He is a fantastic hugger and is always eager to please.