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Pregnant Dog Who Was Shot 17 Times Becomes A Therapy Dog

Maggie, a five-year-old dog, suffered 17 gunshot wounds six months ago in Lebanon. The unfortunate pregnant canine was also blinded, confined to a cage, and had one of her ears amputated.

Fortunately, Maggie is now safe and even serving as a therapy dog and role model for hundreds of others.

Maggie and Kasey Carlin, 25, from Brighton, United Kingdom, are now inseparable. After learning about Maggie via the animal protection organization Wild At Heart Foundation, Kasey felt compelled to assist her and her family.

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Says Kasey

“A individual in Lebanon posted a call for assistance, and a woman in London answered. Despite the fact that it is quite challenging to transfer pets out of Lebanon, Wild At Heart was determined to bringing her in.

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The dog had to get surgery because of her wounds before leaving Lebanon.

The Wild at Heart Foundation, for its part, declares that it is dedicated to a long-term campaign to stop the atrocities occurring in the nation, rescue dogs in dire need of care, and set up a spay and neuter program to lessen the number of abandoned puppies living in an abusive environment, as was the case with Maggie.

IG: maggiethewunderdog

They have also considered educating the public about their duty to care for animals.

IG: maggiethewunderdog

Due to her remarkable experience, Maggie is now well known to thousands of people worldwide; she has more than 100,000 Instagram followers.

IG: maggiethewunderdog