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Family Promises To Pick Up Their Lost Pit Bull At The Shelter But They Never Came

Animal control authorities spotted a 6-year-old pit bull named Lindsy and brought her to the Babylon Animal Shelter in New York two years ago, in May 2016. A few weeks later, a young lady phoned the shelter to report that Lindsy belonged to her and her family and had just vanished.

Animal control officer Kristin Siarkowicz of the Babylon Animal Shelter said to The Dodo:

The girl said that she would need to seek her father for permission to have someone look for her.

Babylon Animal Shelter

The girl never phoned back, and the family never appeared at the shelter. Lindsy had been left behind.

Babylon Animal Shelter

Despite how upsetting this was, the employees at the shelter had faith that Lindsy would swiftly find another home because of her wonderful demeanor.

Babylon Animal Shelter

Volunteer at the shelter Lyndsey Grosjean said:

She is nice, kind, and serene. She enjoys smashing toys and playing fetch. She enjoys strolls, snacks, and spending time with her family.

Sadly, despite being in the shelter for more than two years, no one has shown interest in adopting this sweet dog.

Babylon Animal Shelter

Lyndsey thinks her age and stature may discourage prospective adopters.

Babylon Animal Shelter