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Heartbroken Cat Finds Comfort Sniffing His Dog Friend’s Collar

Zeus lost Sam, a devoted small dog that had been his companion for years, two months ago. After this loss, he endured a great deal of pain, and a few days ago, when he discovered his necklace, he was overcome with sorrow.

Many people’s preconceived notions about the bond between a cat and a dog have been disproven by this pair of closest friends. Despite the differences in their species and temperaments, they remained inseparable.

Zeus and Sam’s mother, Emma Catanzarite, stated to The Dodo:

“Zeus always made an effort to play and snuggle with Sam. He was frequently teased by Zeus.”

Emma Catanzarite

Zeus’ heart was devastated when Sam passed away since Sam was always very patient with him and it was the major way he showed him his affection.

Emma Catanzarite

Says Emma

“After Sam’s death, Zeus appeared to be quite lonely. He meowed long after she passed away as though she were still hunting for him and followed my mother a lot more during the day. Zeus was resting on top of Sam when my mother entered the room the day Sam passed away after we had wrapped him in a blanket so that he could finally cuddle with him.”

Emma Catanzarite

When Kitten discovers his departed friend’s jewelry, he is overcome with sorrow.
Zeus saw a chance to get in touch with Sam once more when he saw his jewelry.

Emma Catanzarite

The rack holding this jewelry was still in Emma’s brother’s room.

“Zeus was smelling the shelf when I noticed him, and he quickly got up and sat down close to the necklace. I was really saddened by his joy at finding him and being able to scent Sam once again.”

Emma Catanzarite