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This Sweet, Very Sick Senior Dog Found A Loving Home To Spend His Last Christmas

The knowledge that a puppy is urgently trying to find love in a permanent family before it’s too late makes losing your four-legged best friend much more heartbreaking. In that case, Griswold is an older dog. This little puppy could be celebrating his final Christmas.

An eight-year-old Beagle dog named Griswold was just just found to have cancer at the Richmond Animal League (RAL) shelter. Chemotherapy is sometimes suggested as a treatment for this common canine cancer, but given the severity of Griswold’s illness, a permanent cure appears doubtful.

In addition to having chronic dry eyes, Griswold is also getting better from a skin disease. This dog is kind and devoted despite his physical condition.

Maddi | Jill Anderson

Her final months of life should not be spent in a shelter, thus the RAL staff members were committed to matching her with the ideal home. Someone who would be willing to open their house and hearts to a senior dog in need of one final opportunity at a comfortable existence.

Maddi | Jill Anderson

The veterinary staff estimates that Griswold has up to a year left to spend time with his loved ones, indulge in goodies, and enjoy life as wonderful pets like him should. Kacie said that his new family will be in charge of providing hospice care in order to keep him content and at ease. He need lots of affection and a comfy place to sleep.

Maddi | Jill Anderson

Jill Anderson was confident she could provide Griswold with the ideal house after hearing his tale.

Jill said to iHeartDogs

“I came about Griswold’s tale on a Facebook page for beagle parents. Because I love ancient dogs and reside in Richmond, Virginia, I knew I couldn’t leave Griswold at the shelter. In order to complete the adoption paperwork before he opened, I hurried to the shelter.”

Maddi | Jill Anderson

Griswold is currently adjusting at his new house together with Maddie, his new sister. She is a Puggle that is 14 years old who Jill saved two years ago.

Maddi | Jill Anderson