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Dog Was Tied Up In The Train Station For Weeks Before Someone Helped Him

Four years ago, this dog was left behind in a Lima, Peru, subway station. The poor dog, who was given the name “Cabezón” by his rescuers, was strapped to a machine with wheels; the straps were so tight around the dog’s body that he was unable to move and could only stand there with his head bowed.

Although it’s unclear how “Cabezón” got there, Sara Moran, the founder of Milagros Perrunos, a tiny shelter in Peru that provides care for disabled dogs, thinks that his owner may have tied him up and abandoned him there after the dog injured his hind legs.

Bobblehead was found four years ago by a group of kids, who fed him and freed him from the artifact.

According to reports, Cabezoncito was involved in an accident that left him unable to walk.

Every day, large crowds of people went past, but no one appeared to care about the dog. Sara stated that Cabezón was already gravely ill.

Instead of leaving Bobblehead behind this time, the young guys carried him to Sara’s house, where she takes care of the stray dogs and keeps the most seriously damaged or paralyzed ones in cots.

Sara took Cabezón to the doctor right away, but she had bad news.

Said Sarah:

“His spine was severely damaged, and he suffered kidney failure. He also had numerous cuts and sores, and he was unable to move since he was bound to a table and forced to urinate and relieve himself there, which broke his genitalia.

Bobblehead might not survive, and even if he did, the veterinarian predicted that he would remain paralyzed.

Sara believes that many people would have opted to euthanize a dog like Cabezón, especially in Peru where injured and abandoned street dogs, cats, and other animals are a prevalent problem.