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Security Camera Captures The Moment A Man Helps A Homeless Dog That Was Dying Of Cold In Turkey

Bülent Kalpakçolu demonstrated that he had a kind heart, which tragically many people appear to lack. On a chilly winter day in Turkey, a surveillance camera caught the guy helping a stray dog that was all by himself and freezing.

The dog must have felt that he had no one to show him some love in this world, but Kalpakçolu gave him a new outlook on life and made him believe in the goodness of people.

One of the locals in Giresum, Turkey, was watching the security camera footage after a robbery when he stumbled upon the heartwarming and lovely moment.

The unidentified man can be seen in the video approaching the dog to feed him and even taking off his jacket to cover him in order to keep him warm.

Humbly stating that showing compassion was the least he could do to assist another creature, Kalpakçolu stated.

According to Kalpakçolu, The Dodo:

It would have eaten at my conscience if I hadn’t given him my jacket. They are outside in the cold while we are inside a warm home.

Mayor Kerim Aksu recently presented Kalpakçolu with an unique certificate.

During his speech, Aksu added, “With this deed, he taught a lesson on humanity,” adding:

“We are friends with animals. We adore everyone in our city, as well as all other living creatures that are a crucial component of who we are.”