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Homeless Man Has Cancer And Is Looking For A New Family To Care For His Beloved Dog When He Is Gone

Clifford Herbert, a 60-year-old homeless guy from Fresno, California, has a heart of gold. Given that he only has a few weeks left to live due to cancer that has spread to his brain, this guy is seeking for a family for his dog named Baby. Following heart surgery, Herbert experienced medical difficulties that led to the loss of both his house and employment in 2006.

Although this man’s life has not always been simple, everything has changed since Baby entered his life around three months ago when he saved her from being viciously abused. From that point on, they have been inseparable.

Robert remarked:

“She is everything to me. She is my closest pal. She keeps me safe.”

When Jeenine-Lacette DShazer learned about the predicament this man was in, she made the decision to assist him. She set up a GoFundMe account to raise money, and she is presently purchasing meals and a long-term hotel room for him and Baby so that they may spend their final days together in luxury.

She gave DShazer some cat food, toilet paper, and a blanket when he first spotted Baby and Clifford, who was holding and attempting to keep her warm.

This woman made the decision to assist this man in his dying weeks based on his appreciation and his moving narrative. Herbet wants to find her baby a loving home for the holiday season.

She needs to raise at least $366 per week and roughly $1400 per month to be able to continue supporting them with the hotel stay.

The man is a guitarist, has owned a mechanical shop, and has even had a brief career in agriculture. Due to the surgery in 2006, he was placed in an induced coma, has a tracheotomy, is hardly able to speak, and relies on writing and drawing to communicate.