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This Cat Lives In The Grave Of Her Deceased Human For A Year, She Misses Her A Lot

A cat resides at the grave of the person she loves the most in this world in Central Java, Indonesia, and has no plans to leave. The cat has been grieving since she lost her owner. When 28-year-old Keli Keningau Prayitno, a passerby, attempted to adopt her, she went back to the same site and continued to stroke her tiny gravestone.

It turns out that the cat visits the house where the deceased’s kids used to feed her every day before going back to the grave.

This cat stays in the grave every night, refusing to leave despite being given food and water by onlookers.

“The cat’s mother has been buried here ever since she passed away. She is reluctant to return home. She has been here for over a year.

I attempted to assist her since I believed she was homeless, but she kept returning to the same spot.

“I followed her, and when she went to the house where she had previously been, the woman’s kids fed her there,” the witness recalled.

The cat then went back to the same location. There, she slumbers.

“Seeing her there makes me very sad. This demonstrates how closely related to humans animals are.

Even a year after Kundari’s passing, the cat refuses to leave that grave despite being offered new homes.