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They Rescue A Dog Tied Up And Abandoned On A Mountain So That It Would Not Follow Its Human

On January 12, 2015, the animal welfare group ZEIL got a report regarding a dog that had been left tied up and unattended on the Immitos mountain in Athens, Greece. The unfortunate creature was abandoned there, unable to find its way back home.

“At the time, I was a volunteer at ZEIL, so a fellow volunteer and I got a car and drove around looking for him. We had been traveling through a remote area for nearly an hour at 3 in the morning when we finally came upon it, according to a post on the website The Orphan Pet.

He was emaciated and on the verge of freezing when they discovered him, tied to a tree with a rope, and puzzled, not knowing why he was there or what had occurred. He was taken away and brought to a little shelter where he was able to spend the night.

The dog that was tethered and left behind was a hunting dog, and like many hunting dogs in Greece, it was left behind when it grew older. The way hunters compensate their devoted dogs that have assisted them in obtaining food for many years is by abandoning hundreds of these dogs each year in Greece.

Tool spent his days staring out at the mountain from a dog home in the rear of the house. The only thing he did was keep staring there without moving or making any noise.

Tool started to regain his strength after 15 days. He passed all of his tests, indicating that he is healthy, and given his advanced age, it is likely that he was abandoned.

“Tool had a registered microchip, so we knew precisely how old he was. We got in touch with the individual whose name was listed as Tool’s owner, and we found out all we needed to know about him.”

Tobby was the true name of Tool. Its owner had paid a lot of money nine years prior to send it abroad. Tool handed it to a partner when he was between three and four years old, which is a common practice for hunters to switch hands with their dogs. And when Tool got old, his former guardian chained him to a tree and left him there for us to find.

After making a full recovery and being adopted, Tool had the good fortune to fall into excellent care and avoid a terrible end on that icy mountain.

He and Cosette, a stray dog who was Tool’s companion at the shelter, left on March 15 for their trip to Germany, where they have been residing for a year and a half with their human Lone.

Although Tool is now ten and a half years old, his extreme happiness makes him appear much younger. He spends the night on the couch with Cosette, goes through the woods, and Lone spoils them a lot.