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This Woman Created A Home To Help All Old Dogs That Have Been Abandoned

About 26 dogs are cared after by Sher Polvinale. This woman built a place named House With a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary to aid any old canines who had been mistreated by their owners due to their advanced age. The house is in Maryland’s Gaithersburg.

Sher has assistance from other female volunteers who come to the house every day at 11 a.m. to take care of the dogs’ problems and requirements.

Many of these puppies come to live with us right up to the end of their life, and we make sure that they receive all the necessary medical care, love, and attention at that time, Sher added.

This woman, together with her work team, is in responsible of giving the dogs the best and final years of their life. When a dog is welcomed into the house, he stays there until his time to depart arrives.

Most of these dogs were left behind because their owners were unable to “handle” with their aging issues; some of them struggle to simply move, while others suffer from respiratory and cardiac issues, among others.

The area of the asylum known as “stairway to heaven” is where each deceased dog’s photograph is hung next to the stairs.