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Man Takes One Last Road Trip With His Dog With Cancer

In honor of their final few months together, Nebraskan Robert Kugler decided to travel across America with his terminally ill dog. Bella, age 9, lost one of her legs in May 2015 due to bone cancer.

Due to the illness spreading to Bella’s lungs, doctors gave her a six-month life expectancy.

Bella’s front leg would either be amputated or put down, Robert was informed. After doing the latter, they informed him that he only had 3 to 6 months to live.

After the procedure, Robert made the decision to go on one last adventure with his canine companion.

“I have never had such a strong connection to another living being as I do now. That it’s a dog doesn’t bother me,” Robert added.

Because he “didn’t want her already gone when he got home,” he made the decision to travel.