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Cyclist Saved A Lost Kitten By Putting It In His Shirt, And He Thanks Her With Kisses

When he came across an abandoned kitten pleading for assistance, Brazilian biker Viitor Fonseca was out riding his bicycle. The visitor couldn’t leave the young child on his alone in this situation since he could see that he was definitely alone and that he was too tiny to protect himself.

Viitor brought the cat away, but as he had nowhere to put it, he carefully tucked it under his shirt. The kitten, to my surprise, didn’t mind at all.

The kitty settled down and relished the 10-kilometer trip to Visitor’s home. As they walked to find assistance for the cat, the young kid gave his saviour a couple kisses on the chin and neck.

Visitor posted this on Facebook:

“Today I managed to save a tiny life. He just played with it, so I’m delighted he loved it and it didn’t itch me.

This sweet video, which has already gone viral, shows the thankful cat giving a huge smiley kiss to his rescuer and Viitor.