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Dogs Have The Most Well-Behaved Birthday Party Ever

Throwing a party for 12 dogs might get a little out of hand, but the puppies at Lending Paws Pet Care are the sweetest pups you’ll ever meet.

When a dog at Aubrey Thweatt’s doggie day care has a birthday, she throws a special celebration for them with all of their best buddies. To mark the occasion, there will be treats, party hats, and lovely photographs.


“I started doing birthday pictures and treats with my own dogs, and then when one of my clients’ dogs had a birthday, they would bring treats for the whole group,” Thweatt, owner of Lending Paws Pet Care, told The Dodo. “From there, it just sort of developed.”

These canines are also professionals when it comes to posing for the birthday party photo. They don’t mind if you wear a party hat.


Thweatt took a shot of Rosemary, a gray pit bull, on her 4th birthday, never expecting it to become viral. People couldn’t get enough of the pups’ distinctive looks and outstanding sitting abilities when one of the owners uploaded it on Twitter.

“They’ve been coming for a long time.” We take group photos every day, so they’re used to it,” Thweatt explained. “For everything, we’sit and remain.'”

“We have a lot of fun, and they know how to say ‘photo time!'”” Thweatt went on to say. “To find a place to sit, they’ll all run towards the direction I’m walking.”